Christine's articles, profiles and reviews have been widely published in newspapers, magazines and online. Her areas of interest are literary non-fiction, the arts, health, education and travel. 

A selection of her published works are below.


Winner of the 2014 Calibre Prize for an Outstanding Essay. Published in Australian Book Review, April 2014. (Purchase the print edition or subscribe online)

On 7 July 1989 the air was thick with heat in the Toyama district of tokyo. Tsuyu, the rainy season, had just ended, leaving the atmosphere dense. At the former government health building location, a large pit was being dug for the new national Hygiene and Disease Prevention Research Centre. The workers buzzed around the site, their foreheads glistening in the sun. The mechanical digger plunged deep into the earth, scraping against rock as it brought up a mound of dirt. something pale shone through the soil. At first, it looked like pieces of ceramic. on closer inspection, the workers realised it was human bones. 

Twenty-five years later, their identities are still unknown...

Dream Up Better Health

Published in Prevention, May 2011

Science shows that simple self-analysis of your dreams can help you sleep better, live healthier and feel happier. 


Published in Silverlimbo, issue 2.

Jun Tagami's snapshots of daily life cut an arc through the prosaic like a warm knife divides butter. His pictures isolate ordinary moments – a guy opening his car door, two girls in conversation, a boy asleep on a rug – yet they are suffused with such impenetrable stillness that they take on an almost surreal quality.


Published in Women's Health, May 2010

Christine Piper satisfies her need for speed on a hair-raising bike ride in Bolivia.

Whoosh! Approaching a bend in the road, I brake and my bike skids, sending rocks over the edge and down an 800m-deep abyss. "Oh. My. God. I almost died!" It's no exaggeration, as I'm riding along Bolivia's Yungas Road, otherwise known as "The World's Most Dangerous Road".

Probiotics: The Latest Wonder Food?

Published in Healthy Food Guide, December 2009

We know they're good for digestive health, but could probiotics have other benefits? Christine Piper seeks the latest expert advice.


Published in The Sun-Herald, April 5, 2009

Progress in mapping the extinct woolly mammoth's genome has untangled some mysteries of the past and raised exciting possibilities for the future.


Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, November 6, 2006

Music education is booming as more people seek a harmonious diversion, writes Christine Piper.

It's seven o'clock and the sweet hum of music fills the air. No, it's not coming from the nearest pub blaring music videos on plasma TVs – it's coming from the classrooms of community music courses as a growing number of people discover the benefits of musical performance and appreciation. 


Published in Silverlimbo, issue 1.

An interview with celebrated cinematographer Christopher Doyle, best known for his long career in the Hong Kong movie industry.