13 October 2019 Christine Piper on surviving sophomore slump and finding her flow:

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"I steeled myself this year for two rugged reads about Japanese atrocity: Richard Flanagan’s magnificent The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Vogel winner Christine Piper’s After Darkness. Both, in different ways, were so well written that the pain did not cloud my immense enjoyment."

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"At its best, After Darkness is a profound study of how governments can lose their sense of humanity during national crises, and of the survivalist strategies inmates and employees adopt when faced with such dehumanising conditions. Dr Ibaraki is a credible and vulnerable character... There are few, if any, major flaws within Piper's novel; such is her mastery of the craft, and willingness to unravel the story at her pace, in a unique way... She poses important questions, not only about what it means to be Australian, but, more poignantly, what it means to be human, regardless of time, place, or government policy."

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